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Staff & Staff Role Description

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1Staff & Staff Role Description Empty Staff & Staff Role Description on Fri Mar 03, 2017 5:22 pm


Below will be a list of all the staff and how many stars each will have on their profile.

Administrator ~5 Stars~

Moderators ~4 Stars~

Chat Moderators ~3 Stars~

Hall of Fame ~7 Black Stars~

Role Description
Admins have the most privileges by far and have the most freedom when it comes to changing things. These members are the most trusted, experienced, friendly, hard-working members of the group and are to be obeyed. They can also be approached with any problems you might have and are always available to help.

Moderators, or mods for short, are the people who watch the forums and can deal with offending messages. They are people who have proven to be excellent communicators and have friendly attitudes. They are the ones to be gone to for most matters unless it needs an admin's touch, so to speak.

Chat Moderators
These mods are almost exactly like regular mods except they deal with the chat box. If none of the regular mods are online and you cannot wait for the issue to be resolved, please message one of them.

Hall of Fame
These people have been here the longest and are to be respected. They are like elders, in a sense. These people have much wisdom and insight to share and if you need any advice, they should be there to help.


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