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Welcome to the world of the Warriors! This is a roleplay site based on the popular book series by Erin Hunter. Create a cat and go wild!

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1. Swearing is a big no no, due to potential younger users using this website. Even starring out the word is not allowed.

2. Bullying is not allowed. This means no offensive language, taunting or threatening users, antagonizing, trolling, spreading rumors, disrespecting anyone; member or staff, and intolerance. Bullying can and will result in punishment, depending on the severity of the occasion.

3. All role players are welcome. We accept everyone, no matter race, sexual orientation, gender, writing skill, etc.

4. Any thing sexual or suggestive, no matter how subtle, is prohibited and excessive use of subtle hints can result in a ban.

5. Revealing any information about yourself is not recommended. First name and month and day of birth are ok. But please don't give away anything else about location, last name, name of anyone in your life, age, and other revealing info.

6. Discussion of real-life violence is not permitted as it could scare younger users or, depending on what it is, lead someone to believe you, or someone else could be in danger.

7. Having multiple accounts is not allowed and could result in banning. There is no use in having extra accounts and just gives the staff more unnecessary work by having to monitor extra accounts when there's really no need. However, if someone in your home would like to join, please message a staff member explaining the situation.

8. Pictures are allowed. However, pictures in your signature cannot be too large as they take up unnecessary space. If a signature is too large, a staff member will notify you of the problem and ask you to fix it. Ignoring of this message a total of 3 times could result in a ban.

9. Art theft is not allowed. Unless the artist has said otherwise, do not claim or use artwork not created by you. Same goes for artwork made for someone else.

11. Please don't spam or create threads on the wrong board. If you would like to advertise something, PM an admin to put it on the 'Advertisements' thread.

12. Don't post links that send to websites that break any of these rules. Which means no sexual or violent websites.


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