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Welcome to the world of the Warriors! This is a roleplay site based on the popular book series by Erin Hunter. Create a cat and go wild!

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Roleplay rules

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1Roleplay rules Empty Roleplay rules on Sat Mar 04, 2017 2:35 pm


Regular Clans

1. Don't be too OP (Over-powered)
2. Don't kill a cat unless that was determined as ok by the other member.
3. Only the Clan leaders can initiate major battles between the Clans and that's only of it was determined by both Clan leaders beforehand.
4. No making up large plots including the Clans without staff permission.
5. Please no unrealistic names. If you are unsure whether your name is realistic or not, I use this site: Silverpelt
6. If you must speak out of character, put parentheses around your message.

Free Roleplay
1. No more than 3 Fanclans per person
2. No interaction with the Main Clans
3. If you would like to delete a thread (Must be created by you) contact a staff member.

If you have any more ideas/suggestions for the rules, please put it in the 'Suggestions' board! Thanks you!


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