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Welcome to the world of the Warriors! This is a roleplay site based on the popular book series by Erin Hunter. Create a cat and go wild!

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Clan role choosing

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1Clan role choosing Empty Clan role choosing on Sat Mar 04, 2017 5:02 pm


These people must be responsible, experienced members. They must have been active on the site for at least 4 months.
(Since the site is just beginning, please ignore the first part.)
To see which high ranks are available, look at he other thread in this board.

Rank wanted:
Do you have a high-ranking cat created already?:
Have you come from a popular warrior cats Rping website? Which one?:
How active are you on the other site? (1-10):
Are you willing to stay active on this site?:
RP Example (With a cat, please):


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